It’s simple, efficient, clean and discreet –
no need for a huge compost bin in the corner of your yard.

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  • Great for garden beds and plots, small gardens, balcony gardens and pots
  • By composting directly into your garden bed or pot, it delivers nutrition and worms right where your plants need it
  • ​​The kit contains 3 reconstituted cardboard cylinders which you lower into the soil
  • Place fruit and vegie scraps into the cylinders, push down with the plunger, cover with the protective mesh caps, then let nature do its work
  • After four months, the cylinders and contents will have started to decompose, creating a hot-bed of nutrient-rich soil and earthworms, which your plants will love!
  • The kit composts more than 20kg of organic waste over a four-month period.

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Starter kit includes 3 cardboard cylinders, 3 steel caps and 1 recycled plastic plunger

We ship across Australia.

You can also purchase your composting cannons from Mitre 10 at Kincumber, Central Coast, NSW.

Composting cannons on display