The Composting Cannon can be used in just about any garden bed, plot, planter box or pot that has a soil depth of 30cm or more.


Inside your box, you will find:

  • 3 compressed cardboard cylinders
  • 3 galvanised steel mesh caps
  • a plunger (made from recycled plastic).


The cylinders are 30cm long and are 9.5cm, 10.5cm and 11.5cm in diameter.

(The cylinders are designed at different diameters so they fit inside each other for efficient packaging.)


1. Dig holes 30cm in depth for each of the three cylinders.

2. Lower the cylinders into the holes and then fill in the earth around them.

3. They are ready to start composting!

4. Place fruit and vegetable scraps and other compostable matter into the cannons. Use the plunger to push down the scraps.
The worms that are naturally in your soil will quickly find the scraps, entering through the numerous holes in the cylinders.

5. Keep adding scraps for up to 4 months, when the cylinders will begin to decompose.

6. Remove the caps and fill over the top of the compost with soil to keep pests at bay.

7. You can order a new set of cardboard cylinders and start again in another spot!



* You can allow equal spacing between the cylinders, or place them strategically where you want to boost the nutrition of the soil.

* In pots, one cannon can be used in the centre of the pot and your plants grown around the cylinder.

* Pots and planter boxes usually require the introduction of earthworms. If you don’t have a handful of worms to relocate from your garden, earthworms can be purchased at some garden centres and hardware stores, or online.

* Push your scraps down every time you place scraps into a cylinder. This creates more space for tomorrow’s scraps!

* See our Composting page for more tips.